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Insurance coverage issues arise in a variety of situations. In today’s complex world, evaluation of coverage issues has become prevalent in litigated cases as well as in the pre-litigation phase. Coverage issues may arise when an insurer disputes that a policy provides coverage for certain claims brought against an insured, or when a policyholder requires representation to pursue coverage and argue that his or her insurance policy covers an incident for which he or she is being blamed. Coverage disputes also arise among insurers over a variety of issues, from trigger issues to allocation. The Pinto Coates Kyre & Bowers firm has vast experience in handling coverage matters, from evaluating coverage and issuing opinions regarding coverage, to handling claims for declaratory and other relief on behalf of both insurers and policyholders. Our coverage attorneys can assist with issues that may arise under personal policies, such as automobile, homeowners, life and disability, as well as with issues involved in commercial policies, including those regarding additional insureds, fidelity and surety, advertising injury, etc.

Several of our coverage lawyers are regular speakers at seminars and industry meetings on insurance coverage topics. Additionally, many of our coverage attorneys have written articles on critical issues in this practice area that are referred to by insurance industry professionals and by other lawyers. Furthermore, insurance coverage law is included in a number of chapters written by our attorneys in the 2023 edition of New Appleman North Carolina Insurance Litigation, a LexisNexis Practice Guide: Automobile Insurance (Chapter 2 by Paul Coates), Homeowners Liability Insurance (Chapter 3 by Andrew Pinto), Commercial General Liability Insurance (Chapter 4 by Deb Bowers), Builders Risk Insurance (Chapter 5 by Matt Millisor), Employment Practices Insurance (Chapter 8 by Lyn Broom), Excess and Umbrella Insurance (Chapter 10 by Rick Pinto and Britney Millisor), and Duty to Defend (Chapter 15 by Deb Bowers).