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Personal injury can cause tremendous cost, both emotional and financial, for all those involved. If you suffered injury as the result of someone else's conduct, you may have unexpected medical costs and serious health challenges. If you are facing a lawsuit over a personal injury claim, you may have concerns about protecting your legal rights. The Pinto Coates Kyre & Bowers firm has filed claims on behalf of injured persons, and we have also defended companies and individuals facing personal injury lawsuits. Because we have handled both sides, we understand the challenges posed in a personal injury case – and we have a thorough knowledge of the relevant liability and insurance laws, and how to apply them to your particular situation.

In North Carolina, a personal injury case is often won or lost based upon the following three questions: (1) Can the injured party prove that someone else acted negligently, causing his or her injuries? (2) Did the injured party contribute in any way to their own injuries? Under North Carolina law, the principle of “contributory negligence” is applicable – meaning that if the injured person shared any of the fault for the injuries, he or she may not be able to recover damages. (3) If the injured party can prove negligence, to how much money is he or she entitled as compensation for those damages?

Establishing the answers to these and other questions requires experience and skill, whether the client is the injured party, or a person or company being sued. Our attorneys have handled countless personal injury claims in state and federal courts, and having worked with clients who have sued as well as those who have been sued, we have a better understanding of the issues each case presents – and we utilize our knowledge and experience to help our clients in their lawsuits.