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When a person suffers injury as a result of contact with a specific product, the legal issues raised can be complex. If the product was defective in design, manufacture, or labeling, or there was a failure to warn of some risk, the injured person may have grounds for a legal claim against the manufacturer or seller. However, if the injured person's misuse of the product was at least a partial cause of the injury, in North Carolina the manufacturer and seller are generally not liable. In addition to case law developed by the North Carolina appellate courts over decades, products liability claims and defenses to such claims are governed by the North Carolina Products Liability Act.

Whether you have suffered harm from a defective product, or you are the manufacturer or seller of a product, you have legal options – but you need the assistance of an experienced products liability attorney to protect your rights. The Pinto Coates Kyre & Bowers firm has filed claims on behalf of injured persons and has defended companies in a large number of products liability lawsuits. Because we have handled both sides of these issues, we are familiar with many of the challenges you will face in a products liability claim, and we recognize which issues are most likely to affect the outcome of your case. We consult with necessary experts to help with factual issues, such as causation and whether a product was defective, and we use our extensive understanding of the applicable laws to build a case for each client. For example, a person waiting to sue or a company who needs to be defended with respect to a product needs to be aware of the applicable statute of repose, including North Carolina's products liability statute of repose. 

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to either represent individuals who believe they have been harmed by a product or to defend a company who has manufactured or sold a product that allegedly caused an injury.